Unlock New Opportunities by Writing and Publishing Paper

“Unlock New Opportunities by Writing and Publishing Paper”

by: Djedi S. Widarto, DSc., | Senior Lecturer at Geophysical Engineering Program


IATMI SM Universitas Pertamina through an InterUP 4.0 Program has organized activities in March 6, 2021 by means of zoom online, and one of them was an open free course entitled: Unlock New Opportunities by Writing and Publishing Paper. The presenter for this open course was delivered by Djedi S. Widarto, DSc., a senior lecturer at Geophysical Engineering Program – Faculty of Exploration & Production Engineering, Universitas Pertamina. He has long experiences in writing and reviewing papers in several national journals, i.e. Jurnal RISET Geologi dan Pertambangan (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, LIPI), Jurnal Geofisika (Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia, HAGI). He also several times invited by Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences (JETS) and Journal of Mathemathics and Fundamental Sciences (JMFS), both are international journals published by Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) to give his deep review for scientific manuscripts submitted to them.

During the program as mentioned above, Dr. Widarto delivered to the senior students, in particular, belong to the Petroleum Engineering Program and representing organizing committee of IATMI SM Universitas Pertamina, with number of participants of about 40 students in March 6, 2021. Since the students have no such kind of lecture at their department, they were very enthusiastic in listening the course and during Q&A.


A snapshot of the participants of IATMI SM Universitas Pertamina who attended of the course in March 6, 2021.


March 6, 2021

Djedi S Widarto